Ain't Nothing But - Stripped Back & Bare to the BoneA 16 track live album of covers recorded at White Noise Studios during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Featuring Joe Wilkins, Phil King & Joe James.  March 2020 - They dulled down the splendour, silenced the show, turned off the lights, locked the doors & the live music industry was plunged into the half light.  The musicians took to the virtual stage in a desperate way to still spread a little love, a little hope, and connect with our fans. Early lockdown festivals paved the way for 3 months of home streaming of varying quality but by mid June the audience, and the artists were craving something different.  The midsummer sun was shining down and I was invited to white noise studios, a rehearsal space turned top spec streaming studio and I knew that, until we could safely get back to the stage, this was the way forward. A chance to still connect, to spread joy & laughter but with the best quality audio & the clearest of pictures.  That's when this series - 'Ain't Nothing But' was born. 3 completely unique shows. One where we paid tribute to the writers and songs that had become entangled in my soul over the years. One 'Elles Bailey' request show, where we almost got the whole band back together and where you, my amazing fans curated the set list. And one, where we took you through the history of the ever changing sound of the blues, paying homage to its roots & tribute to the trailblazers.  This album is a snapshot of the 'Lyrics' & 'Blues' shows. It is totally unedited, completely stripped back & bare to the bones.

Ain't Nothing But CD (signed)