Album of the Year - 2020 UKBlues Awards 

Song of the year - Little Piece of Heave - 2020 Americana Awards UK


They say you get a lifetime to write your first album, and the blink of an eye to make your second. Elles Bailey wins either way, and she has followed the widespread success of Wildfire with the stunningly mature and highly personal synopsis of a year that changed her life in forthcoming album 'Road I Call Home'.


“It’s a warm, sweet sound elixir of cream, honey and whisky that’s easy to love. A very good album “ Powerplay 


"An Outstanding Follow Up from this Extremely Talented Artist" Maverick  *****

"Spellbinding" Fireworks 


“Homegrown favourite nails that difficult second album with aplomb” Country Music Mag ****


“Elles Bailey Crushes it - 5 Stars” Music News 


“This is a wonderful album” RockPoser


Not only does ‘Road I Call Home’ deliver on the promise of her debut album it takes her to a whole new level” Country Lowdown


1) Hell or Highwater

2) Wild Wild West

3) Deeper

4) What's The Matter With You

5) Medicine Man

6) Road I Call Home

7) Foolish Hearts

8) Help Somebody

9) Little Piece of Heaven 

10) Miss Me When I'm Gone

11) Light in the Distance

Road I Call Home Vinyl (signed)