Check out my second E.P. titled "The Elberton Sessions" Released Oct 2016. 


I decided to pull together six tracks for you, record them completely live but in a very much "stripped down" style. This in many ways reflects the smaller sets that I do with fewer band members so will be familiar to some of my followers.


Why Elberton? Well that was where this was recorded, in a beautiful old 16th century manor house on the outskirts of Bristol. We set up in the stunning living room, mic’d up the instruments & off we went!


Regular band members Zak and Joe feature as well as drummer Galli, Will on the acoustic guitar & George playing the piano on "What If I".

I really hope you enjoy this style of my music.


Keep in touch, enjoy the music, tell your friends & see you on the road!


Elles Bailey xoxox


1) Wildfire

2) Waiting Game

3) Perfect Storm

4) Girl Who Owned the Blues

5) Barrel of your Gun

6) What If I 

The Elberton Sessions CD (signed)

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